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iOS 17 Top 10 features that you must know

By Apurva Seth Oct7,2023

Recently launched Apple iOS 17 has some new exciting features that are created for more expressive communication using stickers, simplified and fast sharing of contacts, media and documents, writing your personalized thoughts, easy and simplified way of connecting with other devices and many more.

So, would you like to know about these exciting and amazing features in detail?

Well, I guess YES!!!

So without wasting further time let’s quickly understand them.

There are 10 most important and entertaining features I am listing here-

A. Personalized phone calls and messages

Now you have the option to choose and customize what other people see on their screens when you call them.

If I talk about the features related to messages, there are many that I can share with you.

You are provided a plus button that stores all the photos, audios, messages, videos etc. that you have sent to your connection in one place using plus button. Through that plus button you can share your location to your friends or request them to send their location to your phone.

iOS 17 personalized phone calls
iOS 17 media storage in imessage app

Image source: Apple’s official website

The iOS 17 messaging feature automatically notifies your near and dear ones that you have reached your destination safely. Not only that, the audio messages that you have got on your iPhone 15 can be transcribed into texts for reading them in the moment and listen to it later.

If you like to show your emotions to others through stickers, you are also provided a sticker drawer to choose your favorite sticker.

B. Create live Stickers

You can also create live stickers.

Just take a picture of an object (that you want to develop into sticker) and click on add sticker option.

And Tadaa!!!

iOS 17 stikers

Image source: Apple’s official website

Your live sticker is now created. You can also give some cool effects to those live stickers and you can use them anywhere you use emoji.

C. Face Time

Your best friend has misses your face time call?

Face time calling in iPhone 15

Image source: Apple’s official website

Don’t worry. Now you can record an audio or video message to send him best wishes. Also, you can use face time app on Apple TV to connect with your friends using your iPhone 15 camera.

d. Use Stand By mode for amazing full screen experience

E. Enjoy interactive Widgets

with widgets you can easily take actions with just one tap. You can now interact with those widgets from home screen/lock screen/ standby, you can directly play songs, podcasts or complete any task.

F. Air Drop facility

Air drop feature lets you transfer your important contacts, documents, photos, videos etc. immediately. For sharing, simply bring the two iPhones near each other to start sharing and select the files, media or contacts etc. that you want to share.

Air drop feature in iPhone 15

Image source: Apple’s official website

You can also initiate share play. Just hold the two iPhones together to instantly watch a video, songs, play games together and many more.

Know how to use share play on iPhone or iPad –

This video is taken from Apple’s YouTube channel and shows how to use share play. Though it explains the features iOS 15 has provided but this video will give you a good insight about how share play works.

G. Journals

If you love writing about your daily life or food that you love or a trip that you want to make it memorable or something else, here is a journal app for you to write, insert photos, videos to make your journal more interesting and your trip more memorable. Not only that, based on what you are writing and the photos you are inserting, this app also gives you personalized suggestions of moments for you to include in the journal and make it memorable.

Journal feature

Image source: Apple’s official website

And don’t worry about the privacy as Apple has claimed, “With the ability to lock your journal and iCloud syncing using end-to-end encryption, your entries stay up to date and no one but you can access your journal — not even Apple.

H. Safari and password

Safari is Apple’s built in web browser. You can view the websites and look for the important information. iOS 17 is providing you more relevant and faster search, enhanced private browsing which locks your private browsing windows when you are not using them. You are also given option to create separate profiles to use safari and you can also create a group to share passwords with your trusted contacts.

iOS 17 safari fast browsing

Image source: Apple’s official website

I. Airplay

Airplay is like a bluetooth device that enables you to connect your iPhone 15 to Apple TV, iPad, Apple laptop, speakers etc. A new function is going to add in the airplay where you can connect your iPhone 15 to the hotel room TV by simply scanning the QR code which enables you to share photos, videos, music from your iPhone to the TV.

QR code scanning by Apple iPhone 15

Image source: Apple’s official website

J. Airpods

Airpods features adaptive audio. Adaptive audio let’s you to focus on the movie/video/ audio that you were watching or hearing. It also has a personalized audio feature. You can quickly mute and unmute them by pressing the stem. If you are talking to someone nearby, it has a feature which automatically decreases the media volume that you were listening to. Also, the background noise is reduced and the voice in the front is enhanced.

Air pods pro image showing mute and unmute buttons

Image source: Apple’s official website

K. Visual look up

Now you can discover about the content just from photos and videos. If you want to know about the recipe, you can simply click photos and discover about that. iOS 17 is providing you a look up feature. Look up feature enables you to look for the information about the subject that you finds engaging in a photo or while watching a video.

Image source: Apple’s official website

Apart from these there are many features iOS 17 provides like downloading maps to use when you are not connected to the internet, Spotlight feature, health app and it also gives your phone a high level of privacy and security.

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